Attention: Pragmatic Spiritualists


Are you willing to entertain advanced spiritual notions but at the same time you feel that these notions have to come down to earth, become embodied and evident in your experience?



Do you become off center and too ephemeral when you open to transcendent energies?


Do you sometimes feel that you`re not really making a difference in the world? 




Tai Chi is the magic spot where awareness and energy come together.


How does this magic spot effect…



Peace of Mind

In Tai Chi we put our minds in our Dan Tien ( the physical center of the body ). This stimulates the Chi ( subtle energy ) and tonifies all the organs of the body.



A mind that sees possibilities but is also connected with “reality” is a mind that can navigate the steps of bringing something into creation.

A mind that joins Heaven and Earth exists in intention and is open to how the Universe delivers our experience to us. In Tai Chi we bring the Yin ( Earth ) and Yang ( Heaven) into one unified expression.


Yin yang

Tai Chi is not only an exercise for health and peace of mind but also a Way of Life!

What do I mean by Way of Life?

Human beings are here to join Heaven and Earth.

It is our role to join our Awareness of all creation with the energetic foundation of the Universe. When we accept this role, the possibility of Heaven on Earth becomes imminent. Tai Chi teaches us to merge Spirit and Matter in every waking moment of every day.


Are you challenged with integrating your spirituality into your Daily Routine? Tai Chi is a straightforward and effective way to be in the world and not of it.

How much time do I have to put into it?

Tai Chi takes only five minutes a day but the principles can be practiced 24/7.

How long does it take to learn?

With daily practice the entire form can be learned in 8 one hour classes.


Tai Chi is good for physical labor, sports, dancing, balancing emotions and mental sanity.


1 hour class per week

5 minutes practice a day


Requirements: Openness, Focus, and a Big Mind.


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What will you gain?






and maybe Enlightenment!



Saturdays 4-5pm




Northeast Boulder: 4435 Driftwood Pl 80301

How much?

8 Classes for $70 or $10 per class

Who`s the Teacher?

Christopher Macor, graduate of Naropa institute has been practicing Tai Chi for several decades. His unique spiritual perspective and devotion to pragmatic spirituality makes him distinctive Tai Chi instructor.

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